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Xylitol and Natural Sugar Substitutes


By Dr. Laura Kearney

What is Xylitol?

Xylitol is an ingredient used in many gum and breath mint products that is healthier for your teeth than regular sugar. It is a common natural sugar substitute recommended by dentists for patients that still want to chew gum and eat mints but also do not want to consume as much sugar.

Xylitol Benefits

Xylitol has far less calories than typical gum and mints that do not include this ingredient. Products with this ingredient will not cause cavities in your teeth as typical sugar filled candies would. Cavities are caused when the acids found in plaque erode the natural enamel found on your teeth. The acid producing bacteria from xylitol is far less significant and does not attach to the surface of your teeth very well. Therefore, the plaque amount on your teeth decreases and you are less likely to get a cavity. When looking for healthier gum and mint options, choose sugar free products that include xylitol in the ingredient list.

Keep in mind that xylitol is not a product that is safe for dogs to eat.

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