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Is there such a thing as Over-Brushing Teeth?

What is Over-Brushing? Over-brushing can include brushing the teeth too hard, too frequently, or for too long which can cause pain and also damage the tooth structure. Some of the effects of over-brushing teeth are as follows: It can cause tooth abrasion, the wearing away of the tooth structure, which will make the teeth more sensitive and more susceptible to decay.  It can weaken the teeth as you’re wearing away the outer tooth structure.  It… Read more »

Receding Gums: Causes and Treatment Options

By Dr. Laura Kearney What are Receding Gums & Who is at Risk? When your teeth are healthy, the gum tissue will fit around each tooth perfectly. With receding gums, the gums begin to pull away or recede from the teeth. When the gum tissue pulls away from the tooth, it can leave the tooth roots exposed. Due to the fact that the root surface does not have hard enamel covering it the root can… Read more »

Jaw Strain Treatment Recommendations

By Dr. Laura Kearney The jaw joints consists of a ball, socket, and disk. Any component of the jaw and/or the muscles associated with it, the way your teeth move and/or come together, systemic conditions, stress or trauma can cause jaw symptoms.   The following are a few (easy, non invasive) steps that take care of the majority of jaw symptoms. A few people will need additional more invasive treatment. Consult with your dentist to… Read more »

Dentistry For Children

By Dr. Laura Kearney Children’s Teeth and the Transition from Primary to Permanent Teeth The transition from primary teeth to permanent teeth in your child’s mouth is an exciting and monumental time. Not only does your child get a visit from the tooth fairy but they are also gaining their new permanent teeth. During this six year period, children will most likely have a mix of both primary and permanent teeth in their mouth at… Read more »

FAQs for a Chipped, Cracked, or Fractured Tooth

By Dr. Laura Kearney Teeth can become chipped, cracked, or fractured in a variety of ways including eating hard foods, biting your nails, or grinding your teeth. It is rare for this to happen to a healthy tooth that does not have any decay or fillings. However, if your tooth is already compromised, there is more of an opportunity for a chip, crack or fracture to occur.   What is the recommended treatment of a… Read more »

Caring For Children and Baby Teeth

By Dr. Laura Kearney Baby Teeth Care Tips Brushing, Flossing, and Cleaning Like adult teeth, baby teeth and children’s teeth must be cared for by keeping a consistent daily oral routine. For baby teeth, clean their teeth and mouth for them twice a day. Before any teeth appear in your baby’s mouth, it is still important to clean their mouth and gums by wiping with thoroughly with a damp washcloth or with gauze. Young children… Read more »

What Is the Worst Candy for Your Teeth? Try Our Tricks and Treats for Healthy Teeth

By Dr. Laura Kearney Halloween is a favorite holiday for many children and adults alike. What’s not to like? You can dress up in costumes and receive free candy. Halloween shouldn’t be scary for dental health. Continue reading to learn about the worst candy for your teeth, tricks for healthy teeth, and healthy treat alternatives. Worst Candy For Your Teeth Some of the worst candies for your teeth include: Sticky or chewy candy such as… Read more »

Tooth Enamel and Erosion

By Dr. Laura Kearney What is Tooth Enamel? Tooth enamel acts as an outer layer to help protect your teeth from mechanical, thermal, and chemical insults. As time goes on, your teeth are worn down from the different items you consume, oral habits, and also from normal wear and tear. What Causes Tooth Enamel to Erode? There are several potential causes that lead to tooth enamel erosion. These include drinking excessive amounts of sodas, energy… Read more »

Xylitol and Natural Sugar Substitutes

By Dr. Laura Kearney What is Xylitol? Xylitol is an ingredient used in many gum and breath mint products that is healthier for your teeth than regular sugar. It is a common natural sugar substitute recommended by dentists for patients that still want to chew gum and eat mints but also do not want to consume as much sugar. Xylitol Benefits Xylitol has far less calories than typical gum and mints that do not include… Read more »

What You Should Know About Oral Cancer

By Dr. Laura Kearney What You Should Know About Oral Cancer Oral Cancer is visible in patient’s mouth as a sore. But unlike many other oral sores, oral cancer sores do not go away. Early detection of oral cancer is imperative for proper treatment and healing. As a patient with Dr. Laura Kearney, you will receive an oral cancer screening at every regular check-up exam. Dr. Laura Kearney will check a patient’s face, neck, lips,… Read more »

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